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Current Awareness

The Problem

The most common lie in the world is "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy." Clicking that checkbox might not seem like a big deal, but it allows companies to use your data without you being in the loop. This isn't your fault. Privacy Policies, which dictate how companies use your data, are legal documents which require a deep skillset to understand. Moreover, most privacy policies average around 1500 words, which makes reading them a painful and time consuming ordeal.

Percent don't read them
Percent know what they are
Data Scandals in 2018

Our Solution

Using cutting edge algorithms and technology, we return an analysis and grade for company's privacy policies

Privacy Policy Extraction

Initially, when you enter a website/privacy policy URL into our form, we search that page for the privacy policy and send the text of it back to our system

Input Segmentation

We turn the privacy policy text into a series of sentences, so each individual clause can be analyzed and categorized later on

Natural Language Processing

We remove common words like "but" and "or" to prepare for prediction via machine-learning

Machine Learning

By applying cutting edge machine-learning algorithms trained on lawyer-annotated privacy policies to each sentence, we categorize each one


By counting the occurrences of each category and comparing them against our internal thresholds, we can detect whether or not a privacy policy conforms to that category


We use all of these occurrences to generate a grade for each the website, so you can see clearly how well companies treat your data

Try our service

For website URLs, suggested websites along with corresponding scores will appear as you type-- click it to see its report. If your website doesn't show up, simply enter the URL (eg., click the "Analyze" button, and we will find the privacy policy and queue a score report for you.

If our algorithm can't retrieve the privacy policy from your page, or you would like to manually specify a privacy policy, copy and paste it below.


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