The Most Common Lie

The Problem

The Most Common Problem

The Most Common Problem

The most common lie in the world is "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy." Clicking that checkbox might not seem like a big deal, but it allows companies to use your data without you being in the loop. This isn't your fault. Privacy Policies, which outline how companies use your data, are legal documents which need a specialized skillset to understand. Most privacy policies average around 1500 words, which makes reading them hard and painful. This issue is more prevalent in our society now, more than ever. Billions of people were affected by data breaches in 2018 – 765 million in April, May and June alone – with losses accounting for tens of millions of dollars


Don't Read Them


Don't Know of Them


Data Scandals in 2018

Our Solution

Our Solution

Using cutting edge algorithms and technology, we return an analysis and grade for the privacy policy of most websites. You can check any website's grade and report for free, right on our site. Alternatively, you can also add our Chrome extension to your browser and get real-time grading on websites you visit, so you can make decisions about what personal information you choose to share.

Let's see

How It Works

Privacy Policy Extraction

Using scraping, we locate the privacy policy of your website

Input Segmentation

We partition the privacy policy into different sections, so each one can be analyzed individually

Natural Language Processing

We transform the privacy policy into useful data for our AI algorithms to understand

Machine Learning

We apply our artifical intelligence algorithms to predict whether or not a clause is problematic


Using the predictions, we generate a PrivaScore that reflects the overall data practices of the website.


We map the PrivaScore onto a curve, so that you can see an informative grade for the website.

Be the master of your data

Enter the Website URL

Be the master of your data

Simply start typing the URL of your website, and our autocomplete engine will show matching websites and grades. Click on one to see its report.

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